Here at 888JUNKCARS.COM, we believe in second chances. In fact, we also believe in the LAST chance! You and YOUR vehicle deserve that. It’s like this…

Say that you own a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4wd with 135,000 miles and the Inline 6 and automatic. You’ve owned it for years. Many great memories. You know every oil change and scratch. This is your Jeep after all. So, you are driving down the road and notice the engine temperature approaching the RED. You immediately turn it off and have it towed to a repair shop where they inform you that you must have a blown head gasket and provide you a bill worth the value of the truck or close to it. So you decide not to hassle with it and junk your car to 888JUNKCARS.COM.

Now, YOU get a choice. The last choice. What’s going to happen now is that a trusted member of the Automotive Advancement Team is going to reach out to you. This shop will know directly what’s wrong with your vehicle by the information you provided. Without any water or contamination in your oil or smoking from the exhaust, it’s a good chance it’s just a cooling issue, such as a radiator being clogged or more common on those, a bad water pump. It may be spinning and not leaking, but with a factory design it has plastic impellers on it and they are known to break off the rod that connects to the pulley and therefore, look like it’s working, but not. It’s a common, but easy thing to overlook. And it’s around $400 to $500 to have fixed compared to an engine rebuild or replacement!

It doesn’t happen all the time, but it does happen!

By using 888JUNKCARS.COM, even if it is a massive mechanical issue or a simple overlook, let 888JUNKCARS.COM and the Automotive Advancement Team BE THE DIFFERENCE you’re looking for and more so, need!

***To the automotive shops that wish to participate in the Automotive Advancement Team, you must be a local shop to the customer, only ONE shop per zip code and have incredible recommendations. Your service record will be tracked and recorded for customer needs. To sign up for the Automotive Advancement Team for YOUR ZIP CODE, please call us at 888-586-5227 to schedule an appointment to BE THE DIFFERENCE your community is not just looking for, but needs asap!