888JUNKCARS.COM buys everything, all types of vehicles in all types of condition. When you just want to sell it or have it gone? No problem! We’ll buy it and also provide a free notary, if needed, always free towing and vehicle removal, as well as, same day service in most cases.

However, with the AAT (Automotive Advancement Team) of 888JUNKCARS.COM, doesn’t just buy your unwanted vehicles, we help you KEEP them by recommending one last shop to re-diagnose what’s wrong and get it back on the road for further adventures to go!

With the trusted members of the AAT of 888JUNKCARS.COM, we survey your vehicle by the information you provide, and recommend the nearest member to assist you in repairing it when other shops may have failed to diagnose it properly or may have overpriced you. Depending on the situation with your vehicle, towing may also be available to assist you in transporting your vehicle to the trusted AAT member, free of charge!