The Guru App

The GURU App is under construction and is scheduled for Spring 2022 release. Once you tell the app what type of vehicle you are questioning, everything happens with ease. The features and functions of the GURU App will assist you in understanding what’s wrong with your vehicle, what’s possibly causing the problem, and help diagnose the sound by utilizing sound recognition to aid in pinpointing your vehicles sounds, concerns, or questions. Once the problem has been located it will then direct with a few options.

Once the sound has been verified, by asking certain questions to the user to verify the situation (is the “Check Engine” or “Charging” light on), by suggested ideas or problem areas, it’ll next provide advice to the customer if the vehicle is safe to continue driving or STOP immediately and request a tow truck to avoid further vehicle damage. If you do NOT have towing available, the GURU App will provide FREE TOWING to your zip codes nearest Automotive Advancement Team member, with the towing option, and as long as the vehicle is repaired at that shop, towing is included at no additional cost.

  • For example, let’s describe a squeal coming from under the hood. It is noticeable at first but becomes louder with the air conditioning or headlights turned on high but the fan speed doesn’t blow like it normally does.
  • The GURU App will then identify the squeal and ask a couple questions. (By at first entering the vehicle information, it already knows if your vehicle has a gauge or indicator warning light”). Is the “Check Engine” light on? Yes or No? Is the” battery charging light” on? Yes or No?
  • With you answering “Yes” to the “battery charging light”, it’ll ask you to “Turn on headlights. Are they dimmer than usual? Yes or No? With you answering “Yes”, it’ll narrow down the alternator failing on your vehicle and warn you that it’s running on battery power ONLY and vehicle may become inoperable and put you in an unsafe situation. Turn off all accessories, (air conditioning, radio, etc) and drive home or to a safe location as soon as possible.

Once the GURU App pinpoints a suspected failing Alternator, it’ll then redirect you with two more choices:

  • your NEAREST auto parts store, to your location, with the price and availability of the part.
  • or the NEAREST member of the Automotive Advancement Team that will help you repair it
  • If towing assistance is needed, the GURU app will direct you to the nearest member of The Automotive Advancement, to your location, and will promptly send you a tow truck and as long as your vehicle is repaired by that AAT trusted repair shop, there is no additional charge to you, whatsoever. However, if you do NOT wish to have the repair work done, just simply pay the tow bill.