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We Buy Cars With and Without the Title

888JUNKCARS.COM is a one stop shop when it comes to helping you get rid of that unwanted vehicles. With the title, we provide a free notary, right there on the spot! For those that the title has been misplaced in a move or over time or your dog ate it, yes that’s actually happened, we provide all the necessary paperwork, right here on the spot, to help you sell it for cash!

Or…Help You Sell It!

Before calling us at 888-611-7416, however you may decide to sell your car yourself. Selling unwanted vehicles is a fun way to meet new people, sometimes interesting people and time consuming and caution should be taken when giving out your home address. Here are a few simple steps to take in selling an unwanted vehicle before using 888JUNKCARS.COM:

  • Never under any circumstances provide your home address to anyone when you are not at home. This gives some people the chance to take advantage of the situation.
  • Use the time on the phone when talking to people. Get a feel of the person and their character and use good judgment before giving out your home address.
  • Always try to have a friend or neighbor there with you when you are meeting the person or persons interested in your vehicle.
  • Always have the title and keys ready to go before you post it for sale. That guarantees the transaction will go smoothly.
  • If your title needs a notary as all Arizona titles do, your local bank, some mail stores or your local DMV will gladly assist you in doing so. (Please keep it in a safe location for once it is signed and notarized because that is a legal, open title).
  • Never except personal checks. Do NOT provide the title to the new owner until the cash has been transferred.
  • Look for the many security features in the bills. There are many counterfeit bills out there, so be careful. 888JUNKCARS.COM recommends doing the transaction at a bank just to verify funds.
  • Always try to be in well lighted area or public place. If you choose not to provide a home address, still bring another person with you, just for safety.
  • Always take your license plate from your vehicle. Never leave it on for any reason. You may print a temporary plate at www.servicearizona.com for a simple fee of $1 for a three day restricted permit.
  • Always fill out a sold notice immediately when the sale is complete at www.servicearizona.com. This is a free feature the state provides you. Request a plate refund if applicable.
  • Immediately call and cancel your insurance. Never let your vehicle leave your possession without doing so.
  • Make sure you clean out ALL PERSONAL POSSESSIONS.
  • Make sure to provide new customer with all sets of keys and wave goodbye to the memories as they drive away.
  • Or just call 888-611-7416 or use 888JUNKCARS.COM to purchase the unwanted vehicle from you and we’ll take care of everything else.

Please remember, whenever the time comes, and that old unwanted vehicle is still in your driveway and you just want it gone, give us a call at 888-JUNK-CARS, that’s 888-586-5227…we’re only a simply phone call away! We will provide you the piece in mind by taking care of everything for you and we always pay you in cash while helping you complete the necessary paperwork. Remember to refer a friend or neighbor to receive a $25 cash referral. Please keep in mind that some, but not all, junk vehicles that are acquired will be sent to www.restoreautomotive.com and will be given a second chance. Give your old vehicle that chance and by choosing 888JUNKCARS.COM, I’m sure your old vehicle, will thank you TOO!

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